Xabec VET Center is introduced in the european project for the Dual VET Training UPT2S

The XABEC Vocational Training Center, Award for Excellence in Vocational Training 2018 awarded by the European Commission and named the best Dual VT center in Spain by the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Cercle d’Economia, joins forces and experience to the Erasmus UPT2S project Project led by the EFA La Malvesía.

The coordinator of the International Department of the EFA la Malvesia, with the Coordinator of Dual VET, representatives of the teaching staff and management team of Xabec, held a meeting with the main objective of presenting the results that the European partners have developed in this phase of the Erasmus + project and which are specified in an Online Course for Instructors of Dual Vocational Training Practices and an Evaluation and Communication APP. This will allow real-time monitoring of the progress of students in the company during their internship period.

The meeting, with an eminently practical focus, made it possible to carefully analyze and test the features offered by the course for instructors, highlighting the opportunity to update their knowledge and improve the professional skills of the instructors. The improvement of the evaluation system, student follow-up and communication between VET centers, companies and students through the Evaluation APP was also analyzed.

The exchange of experiences and knowledge between both institutions was very interesting, and has laid the foundations for incorporating different successful practices of Xabec and its network of associated companies into the guide to good practices (IO3) -which is being developed by the project partnership. One of them is the dual notebook in digital format, which allows real monitoring of the internship student’s practices, as it gives the instructor and the educational center a determining role in the monitoring and evaluation phase.


Xabec is a center that belongs to different international training entities, such as the European Association of Industrial Maintenance Schools (InnMain) or the Global College Network organization, which allows both its students and its teaching staff to maintain direct contact with other centers to exchange experiences and good practices aimed at always improving the training provided. All this will allow the objectives set by the UPT2S Project to be disseminated, applied and consolidated in national and international business networks of recognized prestige and linked to the Dual FP system.