Success in the training event for short – Term Staff (C1 Germany)

DEULA Nienburg, in Germany, hosted the short-term activity (C1) of the Erasmus + UPT2S PROJECT from 27 September to 1 October 2021.

This training activity was based on the invited international experts could test the pedagogical outcomes that the partnership has developed during this phase of the project. These resources have been an Online Course of 25 hours duration for Dual VET Internship trainers and an Evaluation and Communication APP that allows monitoring in real time the progress of the trainee in the company during his internship period.

It should be noted that the evaluation of the resources created (Online Course for trainers involved in Dual System  and an Evaluation APP)  were well received by the participants: VET teachers, Trainers, Educational and Labour Administration Representatives, who analysed and tested their performance, highlighting the added value that offer as a tool that can be used by the trainer in order to upgrade their professional skills and at the same improve quality of evaluation and monitoring of the trainees.

In addition, valuable feedback was provided by the experts invited. It has allowed the project partners can analyse the results objectively and implement further improvements to the resources showed.

The positive feedback provided from the international experts is an important reinforcement to the project and its objectives after almost two years fighting against the restrictions and difficulties generated by COVID 19.

The project partners are currently working on the development of the third objective: A guide of best practices in this field, which allows the trainer to become a real educational agent.