UPT2S Project particpates in a Erasmus+ conference organised by Conselleria Educacion – Generalitat Valenciana

On July 14 was held the Erasmus+ meeting  of VET  organised by the Conselleria d’Educació , Investigació, Cultura i Esport de la Generalitat Valenciana, together with the CEFIRE of VET and ERE, via On-line , in which EFA La Malvesia participated.

 The international coordinator of EFA La Malvesia explained to the attendees an overview about UPT2S Project and the objectives achieved so far.

The main objective focuses on the enhancement of the value of the trainer in Dual VET, through the creation and development of different resources for the professionalisation of this key figure in the training process of the student.

The resources developed so far by the UPT2S Project, such as an online training course for trainers and an innovative evaluation APP capable of carrying out a real-time evaluation and monitoring of the trainee’s progress during the internship period, were very well received by all those attending this event.

More than 100 people attended the meeting, highlighting the participation of SEPIE, (Spanish National Agency), heads of the Ministry of Education of the Valencian Community, VET centres and VET teachers.

This conference had very interesting interventions such as the presentations carried out by the National Agency (SEPIE), which allowed to know news and clarify doubts about the new programme. In addition, we learned more about the management of the EPALE Platform and other Erasmus projects with great potential.