New Virtual Meeting UPT2S Project – June 2021

On June21, the UPT2S PROJECT partners held a new virtual meeting focused on improve all details the outcomes of this innovative Erasmus + project.

New resources that have been implemented in the second update of the Evaluation APP was presented and analysed by the partnership according all the suggestions received from the VET Centres focused on increasing the quality and accessibility of the APP.

It should be noted that now it is available the option to download documents in each section of the APP: student internship information/ VET Centre/ Company data through Excel and PDF files.

All partners considered this new resource as a positive outcome, because it allows users to access and manage information in a simple way.

We are currently finishing to implement an immediate notification system that allows to know the user who has received a message/ notification.

In addition, the UPT2S APP is an open tool, and the whole association has analysed different ways to evaluate the internship period, and we are currently developing two options more about the evaluation system (not only the grades), such as the use of ranges including a short explanation, or achieved / not achieved / in progress.

Finally, the option of creating another section called «Other certificates», suggested by the companies linked to VET Dual System, was discussed and accepted as a point of improvement in the last update of the APP.

The aim of this new section is including all the courses and extra training that students have carried out during their time at the VET centre, Besides, it will be possible to include their CV.

We have entered in the final phase of the App. Last details!

Many more improvements have been implemented than planned. We are continuously working and analysing ways to improve the APP using the feedback received from companies/ trainers and other stakeholders. Team working!

Moreover, other different topics were discussed such as:

Finally, the training activity (Short term) in Germany will take place on September-21. Previously, all partners decided to postpone this crucial activity (May 21) due to the increasing cases of Covid-19 in Europe, the total or partial lockdowns in different countries involved in the project such as Estonia and Germany and the slowness in the vaccination process.