UPT2S Project participates in IMAT 2021 – VII International Conference on Applied Innovation, organised by ESIC

Focusing on educational innovation, IMAT 2021 – VII International Conference on Applied Innovation organised by ESIC,  shed light on the latest trends and tools in education, promoted adjustment to changes amid the new scenarios in education, the economy, society, politics and technology.

At this international event, EFA La Malvesía presented on July 1, two of the educational innovation resources generated by the Erasmus+ project it leads called Upgrading Trainers in Dual VET System – (UPT2S Project). Firstly an online training course for internship trainers and second innovative resource as an Evaluation APP of Internships in Dual Vocational Training, which allows real-time evaluation and monitoring of student progress, improving the communication of all actors involved (Trainers – Company – VET Centre – Student – Families).

The main aim of this project focuses on the enhancement of the value of the trainer in Dual VET, through the creation and development of different resources for the professionalization of this key role in the training process.

It should be noted that the project has been very well received from all teachers, researchers and participating companies and great expectations were generated by the Evaluation APP presented.