UPT2S Project meeting with FP Empresa

Members of EFA La Malvesía travelled last week to Madrid to hold a meeting with the association FP Empresa, which brings together public, private and subsidized Vocational Training Centers from all over Spain, in order to analyze the contents of the online training course and the current status of the APP for trainers involved in VET DUAL SYSTEM, both resources generated by the Erasmus+ Project UPT2S PROJECT.

These tools that are being developed and updated received a very positive assessment from the Association, which considers that they are focused in the right direction as a key tool for the progressive implementation of VET Dual System.

UPT2S APP, as a tool of technological innovation, will allow company trainers to evaluate the “trainees» during their internship period. Moreover it allow  to better manage communication between the company, student and the vocational training centre via  phone mobile, monitoring in real time the progress and acquisition of skills of the trainee during their training period in the company.