The UPT2S Project continues developing their goals

The Erasmus+ Upgrading Trainers in Dual VET System – UPT2S PROJECT, a project led and coordinated by Efa La Malvesia continues developing their goals. One of the main objectives is the creation of an Evaluation APP (IO2) for Trainers involved in VET DUAL SYSTEM, in order to evaluate and follow up in real time the trainee’s progress during their training period in companies).

To this end, several internal meetings have been held in recent months to introduce new updates to the APP developed by the European partners focused to obtain a resource as open as possible, in terms of assessment.  It have to capable of responding to different approaches and conceptions about VET DUAL SYSTEM existing at European level.

At the same time, and again focused on improving the final product, the partners are collecting new data through surveys and interviews with companies, VET staff, educational associations and professionals, to check if the current development of the APP responds to their needs, as agents involved in the training process of the students, Moreover, all information collected is confronted with the previous analysis that the partnership carried out in a initial phase of the project..

Using this valuable feedback we will be able to make the final adjustments to this product of educational innovation.

We will keep inform you about our new steps focused to improve the role of trainer and quality of VET Dual System.