New Virtual Meeting of UPT2S Project

On April 22, the UPT2S PROJECT partners held a new virtual meeting focused on developing the outcomes of this ambitious Erasmus + project.

First of all, the partnership discussed the profile of the new external experts who have joined the project in order to analyse the quality of the Units of the Training Course for trainers.

Currently, experts linked to important European organisations and educational institutions have joined during this phase of the project  such as members of Europea Spain, – Dualiza- Bankia, Chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony, Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb, OÜ Remmelgamaa, Chamber of Agriculture Finistere, Fédération Régionale des Syndicats d’Exploitants Agricoles de la Bretagne (Regional Federation of Farmers Unions of Brittany .. Besides them, qualify trainers and owners of companies will participate in this important task too.

Moreover, the partners analysed the feedback provided by members of EUROPEA SPAIN. This relevant institution was the first external expert that gave their feedback, describing strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Their comments were useful and positively received by the European consortium. They considered that the contributions allow  the quality of the course to improve and  include new concepts and perspectives. Therefore, they are waiting to receive the feedback from the other external experts to carry out a complete analysis and introduce the necessary modifications.

In the meantime, after the first video-tutorials created by the French partner, it was Deula and La Malvesía’s turn. Both VET centres showed their first video drafts, which would complement the training course for trainers. The audiovisual material responded to expectations and it is going in the right direction.

 In order to test the functions and resources implemented in the Evaluation APP, the partnership designed a visit plan for companies, focused on carrying out interviews and surveys with entrepreneurs and trainers involved in VET DUAL System. They can provide us with their feedback and communicate to us different areas for improvement that could be implemented. All this information will be complemented with the previous analysis of their needs that the partners carried out at the initial phase of the project.

Finally, the members of UPT2S Project are managing their participation in different national and international events for the coming months that will allow the dissemination of the project and its resources.

We will keep you informed!