New Virtual Meeting – March 2021

On March 22, the UPT2S PROJECT partners held a new virtual meeting focused on advancing in different key aspects to adequately develop the European project.

Different topics were discussed such as:

– Analyse the profile and background of the external experts who have to carry out the quality of the Units of the Training Course for trainers in order to receive their feedback and valuable comments. The main objective is to know your strengths and weaknesses.

We can announce that experts linked to important European organisations and educational institutions will carry out this task.

– Feedback about  the first experiences of the video tutorials created by different partners and establish different ways to improve these actions (Program edition, subtitles ..)

– Discuss the need to implement new functions to improve the quality of the APP and provide an adequate response to the needs of all stakeholders. The association analysed different useful ideas.

– Due to CoVid-19, the UPT2S project agenda has been modified again. Finally, the training activity (Short term) in Germany will take place on September-21. Previously, all partners decided to postpone this crucial activity (May 21) due to the increasing cases of Covid-19  in Europe, the total or partial lockdowns in different countries involved in the project such as Estonia and Germany and the slowness in the vaccination process.

We keep working!