The UPT2S project, protagonist in the European VET Week

Under the motto “50 years discovering Green Talent”, Efa Malvesía, once again, held the European Skills Week last month of December. This event allowed  the dissemination of the results about  the national and international projects in which it was involved, including  UPT2S Project .

Despite the terrible situation due to COVID-19, this interesting project continues working on developing its main objectives. These are the following:

The professionalization of the role of the trainer in VET DUAL SYSTEM through the creation and implementation of different resources such as:  An  online course for VET DUAL TRAINERS (25 hours) , the creation of an APP capable of evaluating the student’s learning level in real time .

During this international event (the European Skills Week), the project coordinator (EFA LA MALVESIA) presented  to  students, teachers and trainers involved in VE DUAL SYSTEM, all the activities and resources developed by the European partnership during the first year of the project:

  • Contents of the online course: Presentation of the modules that make up the course.
  • First progresses about  the Evaluation APP: Logos, draft about the information provided by the APP
  • Project platform: Web, social  networks, Newsletter.

Trainers from the company, teachers and VET students were encouraged to take part in the event, and some of them  participated in a useful and deep  discussion about the needs to improve the VET-DUAL SYSTEM:  role of trainer, evaluation tools in both directions,  work of insertion in a labour market and improvement of the communication process of the parties involved.

The progress and results shown by UPT2S PROJECT partners was well appreciated from the target group. They
understood that this European project  promotes the  improvement of the quality of the VET DUAL SYSTEM. In addition, it allows for the creation of key tools in the professionalization of the trainer’s role , as a true educational agent  and  the improvement of the evaluation  about  acquisition of skills in real time of the students during their internship in the company, as well as in the improvement of their employability.

More details about the news advances  in the project will be announced in future issues (Newsletter, Social Media or Website).