App UpT2S :International Drawing competition

On September 29TH, the International Coordinator of the EFA La Malvesía, carried out a presentation for students of 3rd and 4th grade of High School,  about  the Erasmus + UPT2S project, whose main objective lied in the professionalization of the role of the trainer involved in VET DUAL  System  through the creation of different resources, such as the creation of a 25-hour online training course, an Evaluation APP that allows them to know and evaluate  the student’s learning progress in real-time during their internships, along with a successful practice guide.

Everything is focused on the ide to help  the trainer  become a true educational agent within the VET Dual System.

At the end of July the European partners involved in the  UPT2S project, agreed in their virtual meeting that it will be interesting to get their  students involved in the creation of the APP logo through a drawing competition , in which all students from each partner country will be able to participate.

This innovative proposal allows students to acquire more knowledge about  Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and it is a challenge for them.

The students welcomed with enthusiasm and motivation this challenge that the UPT2S Project   proposed them . Therefore, they committed to giving their best.

Around the second week of October, each partner  of the European consortium will choose their finalist. Each finalist  will represent their country  in the final of the international competition that will take place during the meeting of the project partners  in Brest (France), October 21st and 22nd, if the COVID-19 situation lets us.

Good luck!