Third Virtual Meeting Via ETwinning

Our UPT2S project doesn’t stop!

As you already know, the UPT2S agenda was modified due to CoVid-19. For this reason SEPIE, our National Agency decided to lengthen for 6 more months the duration of our project.

Therefore, our partnership continues to work on their intellectual outputs, specifically IO1: Development of the units of the online training course.

Thus, last 8th July their members held their third virtual meeting via eTwinning.

We produced the second feedback about the units (IO1). All partners continue to efficiently develop their units with the aim to provide VET DUAL SYSTEM trainers a high level training course and others resources  that allow them to solve the issues that arise during the internship period.

We are working including different resources such as links, webs, real and practical examples with the aim to give further information to trainers.

Moreover, we continue to work on the design and developing of the IO2 App for trainers.

Finally, all partner decided to keep an eye on the evolution of the virus in Europe during this summer.  If everything goes well, we will hold a transnational meeting in France in October.

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We are looking forward to informing you about news and other surprises in September.